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Business Insurance

Two Businessmen Stand Beside Each Other in Front of Their Company's Products With Their Arms Crossed

Face it. Business owners are so busy that often they don’t take the time to annually review their insurance. It may be years of “renew as expiring” that can leave your company exposed to significant financial losses. As your company operations and exposures change, grow & evolve, critical gaps can appear in their insurance protection. We offer a free independent review of your current program to determine the exposures that you currently have, and to identify areas of concern for potential severity of losses. With our review, you can provide it to your current agent, or hire us to properly insure your business.

Our approach to your account is very different. To start, we do not care to see what your former agent has provided. Through our meeting discussion, we want to learn about your company, your customers, your suppliers and your way of doing business. From there we will help you identify the areas that are of most concern for your peace of mind. We will help you save money by transfer the risks that you can, while implementing risk management techniques that will mitigate or minimize risks that you retain. We identify opportunities to “self-insure” the exposures you are comfortable retaining so that your premium dollars are providing the most benefit by providing for to the exposures that you cannot control.

As your business has evolved, so has the availability of coverage for exposures that didn’t exist a few years ago. For example, what is your actual exposure for a cyber claim? Do you have personally identifiable information on your employees or your customers? Every day the news reports another cyber breach. What will you do if your data is ransomed or compromised?

Commercial business insurance is an important aspect of any business that cannot be ignored especially if the business premises are leased or rented and even otherwise. Whatever your commercial insurance needs, we can design a protection program that’s right for you.

Corporate Risk Advisors, Inc. provides the following types of business insurance protection: